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Gregory Dell, my minister for so many years, told me at a time of great loss in the fight for LGBT inclusion in the Methodist church, that I could be angry for a while but never to forget that our side celebrates love, expands life and has much more fun than our opponents who tear down and destroy.

Jim Bennett

Broadway Church member, Lambda Legal staff


July 16, 2017

Since 2000, Pastor Dell spoke at 3 of our Chicago performances of Haydn's "The 7 Last Words of Christ." And each time he inspired listeners while also making some uncomfortable. How? Why? By reminding us how those "words" not only uplift us, but how they should challenge and change us for the better -- especially when it's difficult, unpopular, and costly. He never served up "nutra-sweetened vinegar & gall." Not during Holy Week. Not ever. It was an honor to know you and work with you, Greg.

Richard Young

Vermeer String Quartet

Lexington, NY -- formerly Chicago

April 18, 2017

Greg asked during my interview what I would do if I came to church one day and there were protesters yelling and telling me I was going to hell just for walking into a church that is filled with love for LGBTQ people. I got choked up. I remember feeling defiant and protective of the people of Broadway who I hadn't even met yet. Fast forward a few months when I was facing my world falling apart. Who was there defiant and protective of me? Greg and the people of Broadway. I will always remember.

Grace Baldridge

Field Ed Assistant Pastor 05-06

Durand, WI

November 24, 2016

I grew up in a church household, but it was never top-of-mind. As a member of Broadway UMC while Greg was pastor, I was exposed to church in an engaging way I never dreamed possible. A way that made me know that “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” BECAUSE I am a gay man! One of Greg’s sermons I hold dear dealt with abusive relationships and how God did not want us to stay in places of purposeful hurt – whether a significant other; a family; a church; an employer – we are ALL worthy of Love. Thank you, Greg!

Tom Conway

Former BUMC Member/Lay Leader/Usher/Evangelist/Choir Bass!

Vancouver, B.C.

November 22, 2016

I met Greg helping to plan the Sunday morning circle of care that surrounded Broadway during the 1998 Fred Phelps visit. Before that, I was a little bit scared of him because of his giant stature as a champion for justice! Over the years working together on campaigns for justice through Lakeview Action Coalition, I came to know and love his gentle, pastoral presence and the twinkle that was always in his eye. As others have said, he taught us well. Now we will carry on.

Rev. Barbara Bolsen

The Night Ministry


November 21, 2016

For Homecoming 2016, we were planning a panel about bringing MLK Jr to campus and the campus climate at that time. As I contacted alumni from the years 1966-1970, Greg's name kept rising to the top as a campus leader during his time here and an incredible activist throughout his life. I was saddened not to meet Greg, but certainly inspired by his dedication and passion for justice throughout his lifetime. I left the memorial service understanding exactly why he was so admired.

Adriane Powell

Director, Alumni Engagement. Honored to count Greg and Jade Dell as alumni.

Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL

November 21, 2016

The Church Within A Church Movement grieves the death of Rev. Greg Dell who passed Sunday October 30, 2016. Greg has been the foundation on which we stand in this Movement. Greg was the founding co-convener of CWACM and guiding light for 15 years.

We celebrate a life well lived and mourn with all who loved Greg, all who were impacted by his ministry of love and justice, and the many who found a way to be wholly themselves and love God.

cathy knight

CWACM executive director

Chicago, IL

November 16, 2016