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The Rev. Greg Dell


protesters stand arm in arm in front of building entrance
A UMNS photo by Paul Jeffrey

May 10, 2000

By Antony Hebblethwaite

This photo stirred Antony Hebblethwaite to write the poem below about Greg being arrested at the 2000 United Methodist General Conference in Cleveland. Antony was a member of Broadway church. He wrote the poem after the General Conference voted to keep the restrictive policies about ministry to LGBT persons.

I saw you
surrounded by police
your face drawn by the sorrow
of a thousand gay lives
shattered in the conspiracy
that kills in the end.

You surrendered your freedom
with the descendants of
Gandhi and King
and honored my captivity
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Cool under the collar

February 21, 1999

By Steve Kloehn, Chicago Tribune

It has taken the United Methodist Church four months to assemble its case against Rev. Gregory Dell, though it is hard to imagine what took so long.

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