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Bishop Jack Tuell (1923-2014): Had change of heart on gay issues

January 13, 2014

By Steve Chawkins

When retired Methodist bishop Jack Tuell was asked how he changed his mind on issues of gay ordination and gay marriage, he explained it simply: “I changed my mind when I changed my heart.”

But the answer was more complicated.....

In 1999, he presided over the trial of Gregory Dell,Read more

In honor of Greg Dell

October 25, 2012

Blog post by Robin Miles, from the group M.I.N.D. (Methodists in New Directions) in New York

This post is in honor of Greg Dell. I realize you probably have no idea who that is. I’m sure there are others who feel the way I do about him; that he is one of the most genuine human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I missRead more

Greg Dell's path to making history

September 16, 2009

By William Burks, Windy City Times

A decade ago, Windy City Times became an inadvertent player in the history of the United Methodist Church (UMC) and the life of Rev. Greg Dell, then-pastor of Lakeview's Broadway Methodist Church, when it published a front-page news story with pictures of a commitment ceremony held at the church.

Dell,Read more

Faith beyond words

October 12, 2008

Story by Kate Arthur, IWU Magazine

Portrait photo by Lloyd DeGrane

There are days when Greg Dell can’t speak for anyone. Days that his words are too soft, too breathy, too slurred or too slow for anyone to understand. And on those days, he knows he has to be patient and wait until the speech muscles weakened by Parkinson’s disease allow him to form words again.Read more

Divine diversity


Josh Hawkins

September 12, 2007

On Sunday mornings the Schattauer family drives from their home in Oak Park to 3344 Broadway on Chicago's North Side to worship at Broadway United Methodist Church.

They make the trip, in large part, because of the pastor - Greg Dell. "Greg's made a big difference in my faith," saidRead more

Pastor faces test of faith

June 10, 2007

By Margaret Ramirez, Chicago Tribune religion reporter

The voice of Rev. Gregory Dell has inflamed emotions from inspiration to outrage in his relentless push for gay rights in the church. At his congregation, Broadway United Methodist, his words became his witness, whether he was delivering a spirited Sunday sermon on inequities at Wal-Mart or quietly counseling aRead more

Profile: Rev. Gregory Dell

March 1, 2005

Edited from an article by Larry Washburn and published on the LGBT Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN)

The Rev. Gregory Dell became pastor of Broadway United Methodist Church in Chicago in 1995. At the time, approximately 40% of the congregation's members were gay or lesbian. Since the 1980s, he had included holy union services for gay and lesbian couples as part of his pastoral duties because heRead more